Premise / Purpose / Plan

We are all runners, whether we feel like it or not, we are meant to move. Humans are always on the go, trying to balance hectic schedules, work, family, life in general. This is the juggling act. This is the balance of it all. This is The Size Run.

A retail industry term, a “size run” is used to describe a range of product that incorporates everyone’s size, big to small.  Similarly, The Size Run tells the stories of all runners- young to old, big to small and everyone in between.

Authored and curated by Alex Warren, owner of Runologie, Raleigh, North Carolina’s only independent running store. The Size Run is a documentation of inspiration on the go, in the city we love. These stories are the little things of this every day life that keep these two runners and entrepreneurs going.

Cheers to The Run.

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