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Why do you run? Seriously. Why lace up your shoes? Why pound the pavement or trail or whatever your preferred surface is? Why sweat till sometimes you can’t see, breath till you sometimes can’t talk? Why do it?

That’s why we created The Size Run. A place to ask those questions and document our journey on why we do what we do. This little space was created by Alex Warren and Brent Francese, two people who own a small running shop in downtown Raleigh. When we opened Runologie a lot of people asked us that same question: why? You see, small business is kind of like running a race. At first glance it seems crazy, but then you get into it and you start to learn things, you meet people, your business begins to change you and you change your business. Sound familiar?

The Size Run is going to be full of those kinds of stories. How running changes you and how running changes others too. Because let’s be honest, you probably started this running thing for a certain reason that only you can name, only to find out there were a whole new set of reasons that running wanted to show you too.

Welcome to The Size Run.



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  1. I run because it makes me happy. It stills my mind. I notice things I normally would not. I run because it is hard and I like the feeling of accomplishment. I run because it is there where I talk to my Mom and I know she answers me. I ran the 2015 Marine Core Marathon, 5 days after my mom passed away. The finish line was crazy. Runner after runner kept coming. I’ve never seen a finish line like that in my many races. As soon as I crossed a butterfly just flew in front of me and my running partner, out of the blue, in that chaos. That is a moment I will never forget. And that is why I run. And keep at it. I’m looking for my butterfly.

  2. I run because it allows me to do more.

  3. I run because it makes me hurt, in a good way. I can run alone and think clearly, pushing myself as hard as I can, or sometimes just reveling in being outside. I can take my dog to the single track trails of Umstead, let her off leash and be inspired by how calm that makes her. I can make every part of my body hurt doing speed work on the track and feel the effects of that high for days! I can run with my friends and share our lives. I share this need to run with my best friend, it’s how we met and how we fell in love, it was the common link that brought us together, we are getting married next month and we are running a 5k with our kids the morning of our ceremony, yes they have joined us in our love of running and watching their running journey is so inspiring, it give us a shot of adrenaline to see deep down how much they love it already. It is a wonderful thing to be able to pass down to them because wherever they are in life they can always come back to it and refocus and center themselves. Running makes me feel free to engage in life with abandon and experience joy!

  4. I run because all the cool kids do it 😎

  5. Jason Honeycutt March 3, 2017 — 2:44 pm

    I run because it’s one of the few things that quiets my always yelling mind

  6. I started running after college because I was tired of smelling like chlorine and look at something other than a black line but still wanted to eat like I was still a collegiate swimmer. Running gave me that and so much more. Every new place I have moved I have been able to explore while running. And I get to eat all the delicious cheese, bread and wine I want and not feel guilty.

  7. I run because it’s a challenge and if we don’t challenge ourselves we do not grow. I run because it’s the best speed at which to see the world (except track days, then I just see the same thing over and over again). I run because my father used to but cannot any longer. I hope my reasons for running will inspire my daughter to do the same.

  8. For the adrenaline. Nothing like a runner’s high when you cross that finish line. Competing again yourself especially when you PR.

  9. Sheer joy of it!

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